PTANT Award Nomination 2018

The Professional Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory presents awards to individuals who have significantly contributed to enhancing the status of teaching as a profession in the Northern Territory.

The award is made by PTANT on behalf of professional teaching associations in recognition of the work undertaken by a committee member of a Northern Territory professional teaching association.  The award recognises a member’s outstanding professional contribution to education in the Northern Territory through active involvement with a professional teaching association.

Professional teaching associations are invited to identify a worthy recipient deserving of this public recognition.  Associations may like to consider the following to assist them identifying an award recipient:

  1.  Contribution to the professional standing of teachers through involvement in high quality activities that highlight the work of their professional teaching association 
  2. Acted as a mentor and facilitator for colleagues in promoting and leading high quality professional learning activities and those carried out by their professional teaching associations
  3. Actively supporting the objectives and purposes of professional teaching associations in the professional work of teachers
  4. Made a significant impact on the work of teachers through their ability to creatively implement change through professional learning
  5. Contributed in building and sustainability of their professional teaching association

This year’s awards will be presented on 15 November in Darwin. Invitations will be emailed to award recipients.

Nominations close strictly Friday 21 September 2018.

How to nominate

Please note you CAN’T save the nomination and return later to complete it. We recommended claims against the criteria (max 500 words) and the citation (150 – 175 words) be written in a word document or similar and then cut and pasted onto the nomination form.  

A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the nomination has been submitted successfully.

Enter your association name below and click next to complete the nomination form.


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