2020 Grant Activity

Professional Learning Grant: assists Member Associations seeking to upskill NT teachers in areas relevant to their association. This grant provides teachers with evidence-based programs, practices and teaching styles, which enables them to build skills, knowledge and pedagogical practices in a range of disciplines to improve student outcomes.

Governance Grant: assists Member Associations to maintain compliance with the Associations Act 2003 (NT) and regulations. This grant can only be used for activities that align with the requirements of the Act, e.g. assistance or up-skilling members in relation to legislation and/or compliance.

National/International Conference Grant: assists Member Associations to co-convene or host, in collaboration with their national representative body, a national or international conference in the NT that showcases educational excellence, and enables NT teachers to access high quality professional learning. Member Associations have two years to acquit national conference grants.

Start-up Grant: assists newly-formed Member Associations to establish their association, including website development, Territory Business Centre lodgement, bank account establishment, and host membership drives, community events and training.

A total of 27 grants provided access to 35 professional learning opportunities and supported several initiatives, which allowed members to remain active under COVID-19 restrictions. The grants benefited 297 teachers and 11 non-teachers. Grants were paid in accordance with PTANT grant guidelines. Please note, individual teachers may have attended more than one professional learning event.

The reduction of professional learning events in 2020 in comparison to previous years was a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impacts of which are discussed later in this report.

PTANT Annual Performance Report 2020


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