PTANT Awards 2020

Professional teaching associations are formed by passionate educators who volunteer time to share expertise in curriculum, pedagogy and theory across all subjects and stages of schooling. Since 2009, the biennial PTANT Awards have acknowledged and celebrated the dedication and hard work of these educators in advocating for and promoting professional collegiality, engagement, knowledge and practice in their profession.

This year, the following professional teaching association members were recognised for their outstanding contribution to teaching quality and professionalism:

Mark Bunnett  - Drama Territory 

Jenni Smith  - Career Educators NT

Leanne Harding - Preschool Teachers' Associaiton NT 

Matt Skoss - Mathematics Teachers' Association NT 

Penny McIntyre - Home Economics Institute of Australia Incorporated 

Carolyn Knutsen - Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation NT

Korin Lesh - Art Educators NT

Loraine Caldwell - Geography and History Teachers’ Association of the NT

Michelle Harwood - Australian Association for Special Education

Zoe Saliba - Language Teachers’ Association of the NT



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